What to do if your horse's legs are swollen?

We explain the causes of swollen legs and the effective treatment with EQUI compress.

EQUI compress
EQUI compress
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EQUI compress

How does EQUI compress help? 


This is where the EQUI compress compression stocking comes in, by generating compression at a precisely predetermined position with the required pressure.

This brings the vascular valves closer together, stimulates the lymphatic system and creates an effective pumping function.

EQUI compress therefore has a prophylactic, long-lasting effect and offers sport horses and all horses that stand more often due to the situation a measurable benefit.

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EQUI compress
EQUI compress
EQUI compress
EQUI compress
EQUI compress

Areas of application


EQUI compress is perfect for aiding recovery in resting or immobilised horses. It is ideal:

  • for horses in resting phases or for stabled horses
  • during transport and at horse shows
  • during intense training phases
  • against swollen legs and windgalls
  • for easy training (only the boot) 

EQUI compress was designed for resting phases and not for training: the blood circulation and muscle pump work very well when the horse is moving.





Do not use EQUI compress with:

  • open wounds
  • bacterial infections
  • fungal infections
  • blood flow disorder
  • acute phlegmon
  • fever
  • (venous disease and raised temperature)

How to put EQUI compress on?


Not sure which size is right for you?


You can use the EQUI compress size chart to determine the right size.

Size chart front
230914 Size chart hind
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Ho to care fo EQUI compress


Only use the boots and the stockings when they are dry and clean so that the silicone and antibacterial material remain functional. The horse’s legs must be cleaned and dried be- fore putting them on. When the horse needs EQUI compress for an extended period, please check daily that no pressure marks have occurred (for example because of a piece of straw that got caught under the stockings). The Velcro fasteners on the gaiters must be closed tightly before washing to prevent damage to the fabric.

EQUI compress is machine washable at 30°C.

Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.

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Ingrid Klimke & Daniel Deusser

For the optimal recovery of their horses, Daniel Deusser and Ingrid Klimke rely on EQUI compress.


Do you still have questions?

The topic of compression is highly complex - we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions.

Find out more about EQUI compress in the booklet