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for riders who know the true feel of flying.

Our sporty jumping saddle Aviator with its flat saddle tree offers an incomparably comfortable seat: lateral reinforcements in the last third of the tree provide a widened seating surface for the seat bones. This ensures on the one hand a pleasant, soft feeling and on the other hand a secure, laterally balanced rider's seat in the course with more precise aids. For extra comfort, the saddle tree has a narrow twist and softly padded jockey skirts. Both the generous knee pad and the rear block area are moulded and comfortably embed the rider's leg.

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as we soar high into heaven, 
we forget the sensation of being firmly grounded.


Aviator Ambassador: Dani G. Waldman aka "Flying Feathers"



Do you remember?

The feeling of Freedom.
The Passion that lifts you higher with every jump.
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The Aviator also lives up to its name with its modern, dynamic lines and flat profile. Are you ready for take-off?

For riders who know 

the true feel

of flying.


Behind the Scenes..

With a Saddle called "Aviator" it was obvious that we had to shoot it at an airport together with Dani G. Waldman, also known as "Flying Feathers". Take a look at some Behind the Scenes footage!