Andrea Kutsch powered by Stübben 

The Andrea Kutsch Academy has developed a unique training method for horses that anyone can learn and use. It is called EBEC (Evidence Based Equine Communication).

It is especially usable for horse training, education and communication with horses and comes from a horse-centred perspective. All approaches are supported by scientific studies and are applicable to all breeds of horses and forms of use as well as equine disciplines.

Any form of excitement and misunderstandings with horses are thus avoided. In this way, the horse remains capable of thinking during the learning process and learns more quickly to give the desired behavioural responses to the signals and stimuli given by us humans.

This is especially helpful for sport horses, dressage and jumping as well as eventing horses, which have to be able to distinguish between minimal gestures and rider aids. During the years of development and research of the method, training materials were developed that make it easy for human and horse to communicate with each other, to give the right signals at the right moment and to come closer to the set training goal in a goal-oriented and safe way.

Safety is crucial to avoid mistakes, especially when working with young, not yet trained horses or when correcting problematic horses. It has been proven that the horse's brain stores bad experiences much faster than good experiences. The latter require repetition, the former do not. Therefore, it is better to "get it right first time" and, especially in training, preparation and correction, use training materials that can be safely relied upon, are uncomplicated to use and ensure correct application and avoidance of stress. In the courses at the Andrea Kutsch Academy you will learn how to confirm new-school horse behaviour and how to reject undesirable behaviour and how the A|K|A powered by Stübben training material helps you to set the right impulses. 

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AKA powered by Stübben Long Lines


Due to the choice between two different sizes, the AKA powered by Stübben longlines, developed in the Andrea Kutsch Academy, are multifunctional and suitable for small and large lunging circles as well as lunging in the entire riding arena.

They are especially helpful for double line lunging young horses and groundwork. The end of the longlines are reinforced to be able to use different lunging techniques when using EBEC – Evidence Based Equine Communication. For safety reasons, they do not have a retaining loop. 

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AKA powered by Stübben Chest Strap


The AKA powered by Stübben chest strap, developed in the Andrea Kutsch Academy, prevents the training saddle or the surcingle from slipping.

It is therefore particularly suitable for training young horses. It also can be helpful for sensitive and girthy horses to allow the girth to be tightened very smoothly and prevent the saddle to slip back when the horse shows an undesired behavior.

It is an indispensable tool that should not be missing in any training bag.


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AKA powered by Stübben Surcingle


The AKA powered by Stübben surcingle, developed in the Andrea Kutsch Academy, can be used for training starters and horses who show a phobic behavior.

The large and adjustable D-rings allow the AKA powered by Stübben longline to be used with a wide range of training equipment to be attached. The surcingle is excellent for desensitizing fearful and phobic horse behavior as well as for training dressage horses on a high level up to piaffe and passage.

Uncontrollable fear responses should be avoided. For safety´s sake, the surcingle should always be used together with the A|K|A powered by Stübben chest strap to prevent the girth from slipping backwards and to enable successive girthing for girthy and cinchy horses.

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AKA powered by Stübben Starter Bridle


The AKA powered by Stübben Starter Bridle, developed in the Andrea Kutsch Academy, is deliberately kept simple to allow youngsters to play wit the bit in their mouth while learning about the functionality of riding signals.

This prevents later on an undesirable behavior, such as tongues hanging out or over the bit, by providing positive learning experiences for the horse. The chinstrap keeps the bit in place during double line lunging as when gaining skills under the saddle when ridden. This bridle is also suitable for daily double line lunging of sporthorses. 

Once the horse has accepted and understood the bridle and bit, the halter can be added for daily work on the double lunge or under the rider.

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AKA powered by Stübben Connecting Strap 


The AKA powered by Stübben connecting strap, developed in the Andrea Kutsch Academy, completes the series of equipment for double line lunging. It connects the stirrups under the horse's belly so that they allow to be used like sliding rails for the long lines which are connected to either the bridle or the bitless bridle or halter. They can be used with both the starting saddle and the surcingle. The length of the placement of the stirrups determines the influence on the horse's mouth or nose.

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